One of the main factors in the successful development and growth of AO Achimgaz is ensuring the safety of people and safe labor conditions.
The main goals set out by the AO Achimgaz Policy for AO Achimgaz occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection include:

  • mitigation of risks associated with injuries, incidents and accidents;
  • creation of safe labor conditions, safeguarding of life and health of the Company’s employees;
  • minimizing the negative impact on the natural and social environment.

Compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and occupational health at the production facilities is ensured through an integrated approach consisting of certified equipment, granting work permits to the personnel with proven skills, continuous monitoring and maintaining technical devices in operational condition by both operational personnel and external specialists from service organizations.
Company activity in the field of occupational health, industrial safety and environment protection is carried out in accordance with international standards, legislation of the Russian Federation, laws and statutory instruments issued by federal, regional and local executive authorities and shareholders.

Specialized engineering supervision organizations are engaged at all stages of the construction of buildings and facilities, and the drilling of gas condensate wells, in order to monitor the quality of works performed and compliance with the safety requirements by specially designated experts.

In the operation of production facilities, AO Achimgaz implements innovative solutions aimed at optimising labor conditions and equipment reliability.

The AO Achimgaz integrated management system certified in 2013 in accordance with international standards OHSAS 18007:2007 and ISO 14001:2007 (since 2017 – in accordance with ISO 14001:2015), has led to a significant reduction in accident risk and an increase in the level of industrial safety by implementing the control and management of professional risks.

In recent years, there have been no recorded incidents at the hazardous production facilities of AO Achimgaz. The result of this positive dynamic is sustainable production management and effective training of specialists, as well as production personnel with regard to proper process management in accordance with the regulations. This has also increased readiness to contain and eliminate potential emergency situations, to the maximum and quickest extent.