1998 г.

Beginning of mutual consultation between OAO Gazprom (today, PJSC Gazprom) and Wintershall  Holding AG about the possibility to establish a joint venture

1999 г.

Development of feasibility study for joint development of the Achimov formation (block 1A) in the Urengoy gas condensate field.

2003 г.

June 17
Establishment of OOO Achimgaz (today – AO Achimgaz) on a parity basis with the participation of OOO Urengoygazprom (today – LLC Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy) and Wintershall Holding AG

2004 г.

December 23
Signing of the Basic Agreement relating to the development of block 1A Achimov formation of the Urengoy field between OAO Gazprom (today – PJSC Gazprom), OOO Urengoygazprom (LLC Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy), Wintershall Holding AG and OOO Achimgaz (today – AO Achimgaz).

2005 г.

Active phase of gas field construction: commencement of motor roads, drilling and production sites construction

2008 г.

July 6,
First gas at AO Achimgaz gas treatment plant No. 31 (UKPG-31). Commencement of pilot production within block 1A Achimov formation of the Urengoy oil, gas and condensate field with three production wells in operation.

2008 г.

November 2,
Head of PJSC Gazprom, Aleksey Miller, and Chairman of BASF Supervisory Board, Jürgen Hambrecht, took part in the formal commissioning of pilot production phase within block 1A Achimov formation

2015 г.

Third and fourth process trains were put into operation at Gas Treatment Plant (UKPG-31). The number of producing wells had increased to 42

2016 г.

Process train No. 6 was put into operation

2016 г.

Implementation of the project to increase UKPG-31 capacity by 20 %. In December, AO Achimgaz extracted gas from 79 producing wells.