AO Achimgaz is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The success of any company depends on a strong and highly professional team. AO Achimgaz is interested in appointing highly skilled, active, self-starters with professional experience with the intention of achieving ambitious goals.

    In order to attract and retain specialists, to stabilize the relationship within the team, to improve labor productivity and incentives, our company offers its employees opportunities for career development and professional growth, and skills improvement. It provides a comfortable and safe work environment, and supports decent salary standards. AO Achimgaz provides a variety of social support and development programmes, voluntary medical insurance, non-state pension schemes, thus guaranteeing confidence for the future.

    If you feel ready to become a member of our professional team, complete our job application form and join the ambitious goal-oriented team at AO Achimgaz!

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    In order to prevent fraudulent schemes with regard to potential candidates (jobseekers) seeking employment in AO Achimgaz and the possibility of fictitious offers for facilitating employment in AO Achimgaz or the possible levying of fees for the documents consideration, CV submission, training, assistance in finding employment etc. on the Internet, the HR department of AO Achimgaz clearly states that all job openings at AO Achimgaz are placed only on the Company’s official web-site: (see section “Career” and interactive web-portal and

    Local employer regulations can be found on the official website of the company under "Career" / "Local regulations for candidates".

    Access to section “Career” is granted free of charge to all potential candidates (jobseekers).

    There are simple ways to detect fictitious job offers:

    • all vacancies in AO Achimgaz shall be placed only on the official web-site: (see section “Career” and interactive web-portals,;
    • AO Achimgaz never requests a visitor to provide telephone numbers for web-site access;
    • before sending job offers to potential candidates (jobseekers) seeking employment by e-mail, candidates are always invited to interview with the employees of AO Achimgaz;
    • AO Achimgaz does not require candidates to pay any state duties and other fees;
    • all business correspondence at AO Achimgaz is carried out only from the Company’s official servers, no free e-mail services are used.

    All announcements placed on other web-sites are fraudulent.

    If you receive a fraudulent job offer, we advise you to contact the law-enforcement authorities.

    AO Achimgaz will take all necessary legal actions to prevent illegal acts committed by unscrupulous persons participating in the labor market.

    AO Achimgaz is not responsible for announcements placed on other web-sites.