The visit to UKPG-31

n Monday, October 8, the schoolchildren from the city of Kassel and the Municipal Budgetary General Education Institution School No. 17 visited the production facilities of AO Achimgaz.

The visit to UKPG-31 (gas treatment plant) is a continuation of the international project connected with the agreement between the Foundation For The Support Of Schoolchildren Scientific Research Center Nordhessen SFN at the University of Kassel and school No. 17 of Novy Urengoy on cooperation in the field of research and project activities signed on June 21, 2017

The introductory tour began by a visit to the stele “Polar Circle”, then the children accompanied by Ingo Neubert, Deputy General Director of AO Achimgaz, set off to the gas treatment plant. It was a long way but the children were not bored thanks to I. Neubert's fascinating story about life and work in the harsh conditions of the Far North.

Before visiting the gas field, Ingo Neubert prepared an interesting presentation for schoolchildren about the history of Achimgaz, the team, its successes and future plans. After this, the schoolchildren had a compulsory safety drill and set off on an exciting journey led by the chief engineer Lukovkin Roman Viktorovich.

The young guests visited the operator’s room, the so-called "heart" of the plant, gas and condensate treatment unit, the switching valves unit, the gas metering unit. During the tour, the children were given detailed explanations about the functioning of the production facilities, features of their operation and innovative solutions. The children could then ask their questions and get exhaustive answers from the gas field workers.

On returning to the administrative building, the children had a substantial lunch and then, full of enthusiasm, they went to the gas condensate well pad to see the drilling rig. The Chief Specialist of the drilling service, Ippolitov Konstantin Valerievich, spoke in fascinatingand most importantly simple words, answering many questions  and also spoke about the drilling process in the whole.

The day was full of events and it can be undoubtedly stated that the children really loved the tour. They had a chance to see what the life of gas field workers looks like.

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