o date, it is 74 years from the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This historical landmark is only gaining significance year by year. The Victory is the holiday that unites young people and seniors, children and adults. 

Novy Urengoy was in excitement since early morning. The city's main street was full of those who wanted to thank the veterans — the ceremonial Victory Day march took place.

Long before the march, workers of Novy Urengoy's city enterprises and organizations formed columns. It is already a tradition — AO Achimgaz employees and their families and friends took part in the Victory Day Parade. Accompanied by unforgettable and soul-touching war-year songs, the Company's workers marched along the city streets, honoring the memory of those we lost in that bloody war.

After the ceremonial march, officers of federal authorities, city administration, enterprises, and organizations, cadets, schoolchildren, nursery children, together with AO Achimgaz employees, laid flowers at the Eternal Flame "We always keep this memory in our hearts", honored the memory of those who fulfilled their glorious duty and defended the freedom and independence of our country.

This war was the world's tragedy, but it helped to demonstrate the best qualities of our people, endurance and courage, solidarity and cohesion against the enemy, ambitiousness, and dedication, talents of engineers and commanders, valor and love for the Motherland.

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